Wednesday, January 02, 2013

New Years Day

The water greets us with shimmering shades of turquoise, blue and green. Our intimate group of three couples just celebrated New Year's eve by going to Staniel Cay Yacht Club where we enjoyed a pig roast/turkey/dressing and Baileys/Nassau royal cheesecake and fireworks.
We danced to Caribbean music with each other and then everyone else. Note our hips are loose today! The restaurant was decorated with swirlies and sparkles for New Years and all the people from the sailboats were there talking, laughing, and carousing. At midnight the fireworks were similar to surround sound with visual. The weather swayed with island breezes and we were feeling young and adventurous after a day of sun and exploration along the Exumas, Cay's.
Captain Mark sailed the Stray Cat through 30 knot winds and anchored us adeptly. At night we could see all the tall sailboat poles with the lights on top decorating the shore which was festive, but the stars and the milky way take the show. Captain Mark takes us to snorkel along the reef under the grotto, so spectacular with the purple waving sea fans and the angelfish with the long arches, butterfly fish, parrot fish, and the pristine corals. Thank goodness we had out short wet suits, as our skin is more sensitive than the Canadians. We listened to music on his catamaran, over 100 CDs to choose from, and took photos of the fire red sunset. We each have been rotating dinner, and tonight was marinated filet's with baked potatoes and salad with a cabernet wine. It is the first time we have wound down in a long time, the boat, the relaxation, the friendships, all help to restore balance. Thank goodness for Captain Mark. Jane Parker Jan. 1, 2013.
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