Sunday, June 26, 2011

Knoop/Bruns, Party of 4

So, here we are our last night abroad the Stray Cat, anchored just off Rose Island. Hard to believe a week has gone by already, but what a great week it's been! The Exuma Islands and water are BEAUTIFUL. It's almost like being in a dream. The water is unlike anything I've ever seen. The stars are night are incredible. Stars forever in every direction. It's all amazing! And, Captain Mark is the perfect guide to see this amazing place. Simply, Captain Mark = AWESOME. :)

We started our trip in Nassau where we met Capt Mark, loaded our luggage and gear on the Stray Cat, and then off to get our food provisions for the week. Then we were off! First stop, and anchor spot for the night was Rose Island. The snorkeling and swimming were fantastic!

Day 2 was a long journey across the Yellow Banks to the north end of the Exumas. That long journey was well worth the wait as we came into Allen's Cay which was unbelievable! Water so blue and clear! Then we loaded into the dingy and headed to Leaf Cay for some awesome snorkeling. Tons of beautiful fish and coral. We also saw a Winter Skate (stingray family). We anchored at Allen's Cay for the night. GREAT star gazing that night!

Day 3 we continued south, stopping at the Highpointe Marina for fuel, water and food. Pretty cool to see nurse sharks in the marina as we came in. Gorgeous beach w/powder soft sand. The Stray Cat needed some minor repairs so the captain anchored us on a beautiful reef so we could do some more snorkeling. Again, it was great so we didn't mind the delay. Then we headed to Norman's Cay where we anchored for the night, and went ashore for dinner at McDuff's. Very good food and a neat island atmosphere. Good drinks. Interesting restroom facilities, too.

Day 4 we reached Stanial Cay, our last stop before heading back to Nassau. Capt Mark took us to see the swimming pigs before anchoring the Stray Cat. Then we headed to shore for dinner at the Stanial Cay Yacht Club. Happy Anniversary to the Bruns! Neat place, good drinks and good food. The cracked conch and peas and rice were delicious.

Day 5 we got some last needed food/supplies in Stanial Cay, and then we headed out for the start of the journey back to Nassau. The captain took us through some islands (don't remember the name) as we left Stanial Cay that were just stunning. Gorgeous water, and quite a few beautiful homes! We anchored that night at Little Pigeon Cay in the Exuma Land and Sea Park. Beautiful place! Didn't know places like this really existed outside movies and magazines!

Day 6 was the long journey leaving the Exumas to come back to Nassau. More great snorkeling today. It really doesn't get any better than this. Wish it didn't have to end. It's been a great trip!

Hands down, this has been one of the best vacations ever. Capt Mark - You are the best! Thank you so much for the great time in the Bahamas! We hope to sail with you again very soon!

And now you know everything. ;)

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Monday, June 06, 2011

June 6, 2011

Our party, Manny, Angela, Juan Carlos, Josefa, Nathan, Jacques and Ariana arrived Nassau yesterday around 2PM and at the marina by 3:45. Life is good-we are finally on vacation! Captain Mark met us at the entrance to Nassau Yacht Haven and we were introduced to Stray Cat. After a trip to the market for provisions we had a safety talk and were on our way. Nathan, Jacques, and Ariana helped launch and Captain Mark let me steer Stray Cat over to Rose Island. I had a fantastic aha moment-it was a understanding of how to read the water-what a difference it made! Stray Cat steers like a race car, it took a while to get the feel but once I did, wow!

The kids spent the trip up front enjoying life and probably wondering why mom was driving like a drunk for a while. I saw some heads pop up and look back so I can only imagine what was being said. After setting anchor we had cocktails. The kids played Scrabble while Juan Carlos and I cooked dinner. After dinner the kids got Nathan's high powered laser out and began to point out stars with it, and the boat next to us decided to shine a high powered flashlight at them.
Ariana (much better writer than mom):
After everything had cooled down a bit, almost everyone had gone to the bow of the boat to look for shooting stars and sattelites. Jacques was really good at pointing out satelites, and we also saw a few shooting stars. Contemplating the wonders of space really tired us out, and soon enough everyone was in bed, looking back happily at our satisfying first day sailing.
Today we are all looking to the tropical storm and wishing it away. It looks ominous on the sattelite photo so we are going to sail to Allen's Cay and Highthorne Cay and see what the "experts" say tonight. Everyone wish us luck that we can continue our journey to the Exumas. It has been my dream to take the kids there. To me the Exumas are one of the most beautiful places on this planet. It is almost surrealistic the color of the water and how the clouds can reflect that same color. We are about to sail and we are all looking forward to a wonderful day ahead!

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