Thursday, May 14, 2009

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May 13, 2009
On board, Jeff & Marcia Kish, Mike (the Heat) and Mel Streng, Paul and Laura Sauer, and Bryan & Carol Albright and Captain Mark

We left Nassau Bahama's today around 1:00 pm. We traveled to Allen's Cay with Captain Mark and Mel guiding us on our way. There were three to four footers on our way to Allen's. The ride was a little rough but we were still able to drink and party on the seven hour tour. Just as the sun was setting we anchored inside of the bay. Jeff wanted to take off to explore the island but Captain Mark said that it was not safe at night. The other boats were chumming the water with their leftover fish bait, perhaps attracting fish we may not like to swim with. Now we are sitting on the boat chilling out to my favorite band OAE. The song Nigh Shift/ Stir it up is on right now. We will wait till dawn to explore. I am going to sign off and join the rest of the crew and enjoy the amazing stars. Life can not get any better.


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