Friday, October 21, 2011

Exuma Adventure Sail

What a fantastic Adventure!!

We met Capt Mark in Nassau, Bahamas after a nice flight and a kind local that whisked us through the airport to our cab. We arrived on a holiday and many stores were closed, but as usual Capt Mark had told us this would be the case and we were fully prepared.

We grabbed a few things from the convenience store and headed out to Rose Island. What a beautiful place. The calm ocean rocked us to sleep with peaceful breezes blowing through the hatches.

We all slept like babies, including our 2 year old Bella!

We woke up to a gorgeous sun rise and a cruiser, Wes off of a neighboring catamaran, who graciously took us over to the beach with his cool Bahamian poodle named Bailey. We did some shelling and looking around as Bailey fished and crabbed.

After some breakfast we motored down to Allen's Cay for some iguana feeding and some beach combing. What a paradise! The water was crystal clear and there was only 1 other boat in the anchorage. That was the Barbara Ann who later fell onto some hard times.

Highborne Cay was next for some snorkeling and provisioning. The marina is beautiful and Bella loved the nurse sharks. The snorkeling on the reef there was fantastic! We saw everything from a large barracuda, to sunfish, angelfish, lion fish etc... It was spectacular!! The marina store is very nice and has most anything you need, for a fee.

The weather was forecast to deteriorate and come morning it had already started. Capt Mark used his spidey sense and told us that we better high tail it back to either Rose Island or Nassau. We had a wild ride back of adventure sailing with South Winds on the aft quarter, Stray Cat handled it like a dream! The waves were still crashing too hard at Rose Island so we continued on to Nassau Yacht Haven Marina. We did some grocery shopping, got a Starbucks and then spent a dark and stormy night there and decided to move on up to Paradise Island at the Atlantis Marina. What an awesome decision!!

We spent 2 days playing, sunning, gambling, shopping and enjoying the 5 star amenities. The Aquarium was state of the art! The water slides were amazing!! We highly recommend this activity especially at the end of your trip, it seems like the ultimate pampering!

We had the most enjoyable time and cannot wait for our return. Capt Mark is most gracious and has the BEST stories. He is an incredible Captain and person and the sailing adventure is truly something you have to experience!

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Monday, October 03, 2011


October 1, 2011
Arrived in Nassau. Met Capt. Mark at Poop Deck. Went to bar across the street for a drink then to the grocery store for the week's food. Evening was spent loading and getting acquainted with Stray Cat. Set sail to Rose Island and started to relax. We had a beautiful sunset and a thunderstorm through the night.

October 2, 2011
Pulled anchor and set sail for 5 hour cruise in mirror like waters to Allen's Cay. We saw iguana on the beach then snorkeled reefs and spotted several sting rays. After that we sailed to Highbourne Cay and picked up supplies. Last we sailed to Norman's Cay and anchored for the night. We went for a sunset swim and then grilled kabobs. We are enjoying the company, relaxing and enjoying the stars.

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