Thursday, July 09, 2009

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ahh sehr nett! ja wär gern noch mit euch mitgesegelt.. aber hatte eine tolle sicht beim ersten flug.. der übrigens 2stunden verspätet war.. hab sogar die stray cat noch aus dem fenster gesehen..
ja war sehr anstrengend der flug. mein gepäck ist auch in miami stehen geblieben aber sollte mir demnächst zugestellt werden.
tja jetzt kämpfe ich den ganzen tag schon mit being landsick aber noch viel mehr mit dem wach bleiben!!! pffff
zumindest scheint die sonne..

also ich wünsch euch noch eine schöne zeit, liebe grüsse an alle bussi!!

aja bei franzi war ich noch nicht oben,,,aber ich ha opa husten gehört--

so, ich scheib jetzt da noch das ship log;

bitte mark geben damit er es auf seine homepage stellt!

The days before getting onto Capt. Mark´s Stray Cat we all just couldn't wait getting on board. Still back home in Austria my father Dieter would always have a big smile on his face when speaking of the beaches and the water of the Exumas, Bahamas and the fact that we would explore this by sailing. His girlfriend Gabi though pointed out the possibility of having too big waves and therefore getting seasick. My sister Linda also had on the one hand a big smile on her face but on the other hand she started to realize that on this trip she might meet some sharks, one of her biggest fears. Her boyfriend Julian was hopefully watching the movie "razor man" (later on board he convinced us of the existence of this movie just in order to win a game we've played. well but we are still doubting its existence...) for him it was the first sailing trip.
Anyway, it sounded like a great adventure..

Since I arrived a few days earlier to the Bahamas I met all of them right at the Stray Cat in the Nassau Yacht Haven.
I remember one of the first things Mark said to me: So, Dieter seems to be a precise person.. Oh, yes Mark he is, especially with Coca Cola cans.. Luckily we never ran out of it..
Speaking of beverages and food I really have to give the best compliments to our chef Deborah. I don't know how she managed to cook these amazing meals in that kitchen on board that just wouldn't stop moving. I wonder how she did not get seasick. After all in the beginning we were quite curious who would be the first.. Mark told us some tricks he would use when he would see someone getting the first symptoms. Anyway we were lucky to spend our days on Stray Cat without such incidents, even though with Capt. Mark on board nothing would have been a problem. Its amazing how he made us feel comfortable on board, with his trustworthy and positive energy.
I think the first nights him and Deborah could not get much sleep, since we, the guests, started wandering around on the Stray Cat to find th best sleeping place. I think after the first nights we have all tested all possible sleeping places on board..the trampoline and the little mattress outside, the bench inside and the rooms.
I think that's also why Mark sent us hiking on one of the islands we have stopped, so we would be more tired of walking around at night. And at least for me it seemed to work. That night I was so tired and exhausted after we have walked to amazing beaches and enjoyed a long bath in the sea...

At one point, during snorkeling, Julian and Linda were just swimming next to a Barracuda. Especially Linda was amazed. After swimming with that fish and having seen many sharks swimming right next to our boat, I think she started to like them..
Also Gabi got rid of her fear of getting seasick (after all she seemed to be the only person not feeling the land move when we had our dinner out at Staniel Cay). Julian discovered his talent of making the most beautiful pictures of some amazing sunsets we saw as well as taking pictures of lizards on the beach. Linda and me, for the first time, had to escape some wild pigs walking towards us at the beach.
And I think now, after this trip Dieter will have an even bigger smile on his face when thinking of the Bahamas.

I could continue writing for ages since we had so many great experiences.
Just thinking of flocking with the fish, the huge "fishball" we encountered, the many many big and colorful fish at that cave close to Staniel Cay, the sun and the wind on board, the stars at night, the crystal clear water, and the baby powdery sand, the kayaks..

just don't forget your sunglasses, sun cream and hat....

Thank you Mark,

all the best to you and Stray Cat

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