Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Gulf Stream xing

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Wednesday, May, 30, 2007, 08:46 UTC

Capt. Notes:
The onboard email capability through single side band (short wave radio) is still giving me fits. It seems I can send but not receive emails; other than that all other systems are fine.
I had a wonderful sail up from Little Farmers Cay to Nassau in high winds with eight guests aboard who handled the wind and waves like old salts. I rested in Nassau for two days then washed the boat and got some food aboard. I set sail in 20-30 knots out of the east for Chub Cay at noon and made it to the anchorage by 5:30, very good time.
This strong wind out of the east that has been plaguing us for weeks is finally going to shift south this week end, it will bring rain to the area and maybe put out some fires too.
I just sailed from the anchorage at Cat/Gun Cay under Genoa for the Gulf Stream crossing to Coconut Grove. The wind is at my back at 20kts and the sea is running three feet; should be a nice trip.
I will be in cell phone range (954.684.6265) by 13:00 eastern today for those of you who have been frustrated by my email problems and apparent lack of interest in your emails.
Barbara a follow-up to let you know the new washer/dryer works fine.


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Friday, May 18, 2007

Great Bahama Banks

Capt. notes:

I'm back at sea after a few weeks in the Miami area; it feels good to be out here away from the hustle of south Florida. There were 220 fires burning in Florida, the smoke was thick enough to almost obscure the Miami skyline. Guess where the smoke and soot goes when it settles to earth, that's right all over Stray Cat.

This morning with coffee cup in hand and J.S. Bach playing a bit loud, I watched the sun come up blazing red from a calm sea on the Great Bahama banks; a power morning!

While in Miami I did four day charters, each were with South American guests so I was tuning in my ear to Spanish and Latin Music, fun. I also did a four day charter with an interesting young computer programmer, hi Jacob.

Stray Cat got some attention as well: a new anchor, chain and rode, washer/dryer and flat screen TV and twenty light fixtures yet to be installed. I have been wanting a spare outboard for the dink but have not been willing to pay $2,400.00 for a spare; I scored a like new Honda four stroke, 15hp for four hundred dollars, waiting paid off.

I'm 14 hours from Nassau at the moment so it will be along day, I will pick-up a group from California Saturday afternoon for a week cruise of the Exumas.