Wednesday, December 20, 2006

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Wednesday, December, 20, 2006, 07:49 UTC
Staniel Cay, Bahamas

Guest: Tim Meyers age 14
Sunday December 17, 2006
Ships log 2

Today we sailed most of the day and my sisters and I were having trouble finding something to do so we put out some fishing lines in the water, while we were heading to an uninhibited island. After the long sail we finally got to our little island and just as we got there we caught a sizable barracuda. Watching Captain Mark removing the hook was quite a memory! There was a massive resident Barracuda took interest and never left our boat for the next 10 hours. My sister and mom got run out of the water by him the next morning!
After arriving we took the dingy to the island and Birdie (my sister) and I took our snorkels around the calm, lagoons - it was very pretty, we saw some nice coral but when we came back to the boat birdie had a pretty bad jellyfish sting. For dinner we had some really good cheese burgers that Mark made and went to bed.
When we woke up (Monday 12/18), our family took the dingy to the island and did a bit more snorkeling. As we headed back to the stray cat, there was "Barney" (our resident Barracuda) and Capt. Mark waiting for us; and we headed out to Stanley Key - despite some questionable weather reports!

Guest: Jordan, Age12
December -19-06

On Monday (18) we sailed some of the day and stopped at an island. My sister, brother and my dad went out to snorkel and spear fish after that we all went out for dinner and ate some great food. The next day we woke up and snorkeled at the grotto it was amazing. That same day we ate lunch and sailed some more and saw a great view.


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Friday, December 08, 2006

Staniel cay, Bahamas

Roberto, age 30's, handsome (?) = Yes :

Despite high seas and close to gale -force winds, Captain Mark managed to navigate us happily (and safely!) from Staniel Cay to Black Point. Black Point is a charming little island inhabited entirely by Afro-Caribbean's. We were directed to several chattels that serve as both a home and a restaurant for the resident/proprietor. In one such spot, we visited Lorraine's Caf where we purchased a freshly made loaf of coconut bread and devoured half of it in the dingy before returning to the catamaran. Yummy! There, we also learned about the fanciful fare that was on the evening menu. It is important to note that the island is not geared towards tourists so these meals are made the authentic way and served and eaten in the manner that the locals partake them in - with love, pride, and appreciation. It is an experience designed for those with complex taste buds and an adventurous spirit. The locals are warm, the rhum drinks are cool, and the fare will dance on your tongue and whisk you to a simpler, more hypnotic way of life. If chic and Michelin ratings are what you desire, ask your captain to set a course for St. Tropez; you are in the wrong sea! :


PS - Take no offense to the South of France reference. We LOVE it there but for entirely different reasons!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Bimini, Bahamas - Capt. Note

I'm at Bimini this morning after what might be the hardest Gulf Stream crossing I can remember I need to be in Nassau on the 1st.
There is a high off shore of South Carolina which of course spins to the right and has set up very strong easterly winds in south Florida and the Bahamas. Naturally I'm trying to sail to the east; the waves were about 8 to ten feet last night with winds of 20 to 30 knots on the nose, the waves were coming over the top of the boat; needless to say I was very wet.
The waves were short duration and steep which really tossed Stray Cat around. One of the two hatch latches over my bed broke as the weight of thousands of gallons of sea water took its toll. I was glade to have five bedrooms last night since there was no way I would be sleeping in mine.
The auto pilot felt the abuse and also quit so today I will be hand steering my way to Nassau with the wind still on the nose but it has subsided to around 15.