Saturday, April 19, 2008

Till next time

Guest: Chris& Ali, Ryan & Lisa
Cedar Hills, Utah
Today is the day to disembark from the beautiful Stray Cat. We are sad as we have to pull up to dock and pack our things up and help Captain Mark clean the boat for the next crew. Our experiences out here in the vast beautiful ocean have been incredible!! To that we are forever grateful to Captain Mark, for his never ending generosity, knowledge and gentle friendship. One that will forge to become everlasting. We have had the vacation of a lifetime and owe that all to our great Captain and new friend. Reluctantly, we go back to a regular lifestyle so we can work our butts off and come back to paradise again next year wherever Captn' Mark is calling home!
Thank you Captain Mark for giving us an unforgettable journey into your world of beautiful waters, nifty little "hidey holes" and incredible sunsets. I will miss the sound of pulling up anchor signaling the start of a new day, the sails as they blow in the wind, the humble sharing of all your incredible knowledge and experiences of the sea and of course, rum thirty. I don't think we will ever listen to Franky's "Fly Me to the Moon" again that it won't bring us back to the Stray Cat.
Can't wait until our highways on the water meet again!!!
Until then, friend
Your favorite crew mates,
Ryan & Lisa Dorius and Chris & Ali Kruger

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Friday, April 18, 2008

last day and night

Guests:Ryan & Lisa, Chris & Ali
It is Friday and we are on our way back to Nassau. Yesterday we went into the "Staniel Cay Yacht Club" next to the "Happy People Marina" and had lunch while Captain Mark hooked up with the internet and took care of some business. The guys played pool while the girls soaked up the sun. We went up the river a little ways in the dingy to a little store looking for a few things that Captain Mark needed then headed back to the Stray Cat. We then sailed up the "Pipe" and it was breathtaking. The water was the most absolutely gorgeous blue we had ever seen. We found a little hidey hole that we shared with a couple other sailors and dropped anchor. Captain Mark took us over in the dingy to see an old sunken air plane wreck and from there to explore a near by island. We had Mexican food for dinner and Captain Mark ate 13 tacos. (I think he has been missing his Mexican food!)
We hit the hay early, we were all very tired. We awoke to another fabulous morning in the Bahamas and set sail for "Allen's Cays" to check out the iguanas and do some snorkeling. Those iguanas are feisty little buggers. Hungry, hungry, hungry!!!!
The snorkeling was beautiful again, with lots of spectacular colors, gorgeous coral reefs and little Nemo's and Dori's swimming about. Captain Mark really knows how to pick the good spots.
We sadly set sail for Nassau and will spend one last night under the stars on the Stray Cat with Captain Mark.
Stay tuned

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stanial Cay

Guests Ryan & Lisa, Chris & Ali
Good morning everyone! It's Wed. morning and blue sky is just over the horizon. Clouds and wind consumed the day yesterday. No matter the weather the sea is beautiful. Yesterday we sailed into the quaint "Sampson Cay Marina" for a few groceries. What a beautiful place. Big beautiful yachts, breath taking landscape, and neat little cottages constructed of ancient coral. One could stay the weekend for a mere $8,000, and this is off season! The true paradise is really aboard the Stray Cat with Captain Mark. As we were pulling in off the rough seas there was another larger catamaran coming up on our tail rather quickly trying to beat us to the fuel dock. Captain Mark out maneuvered him, (of course). The other Captain was just trying to show off for his guests, but we all know that size doesn't matter, its the Captain behind the helm that gets the kudos. LOL We sailed off with our groceries and found a nice little hide out to spend the night. We enjoyed shish kabob's and salad for dinner as Captain Mark shared stories of the sea. We say Captain Mark needs to document his tales of the sea in a book. The boys have their poles in the water and the sun is beckoning us girls. Stay tuned for further adventures from the Stray Cat. Wish you were all here.
love ya

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Sail to Highborn Cay

Hello Beautiful World!
We are on day three, didn't write yesterday due to an immense mount of relaxation Yah Mon!!!!
We mostly hung out off the shore line of Rose Island and waited out a cold front, so that we can continue south to visit more islands and small cay's. We enjoyed much sunshine and snorkeled over about 50 yards to a fabulous little island. There was a gathering of about fifty boats anchored by the bow with there sterns anchored to the beach, Mark called it a sail away, locals come to this wonderful beach with shallow reefs. They bring the whole family including their dogs to play and eat all weekend . Since it was Sunday the party was winding down. Chris & Ryan snorkeled for hours with spear fish in hand. Lisa & Ali investigated the quaint island. It was fully equipped with much party amenities! WOW! There were hammocks, shacks, bars, showers, volleyball, and little boats to take out. "Robinson's Caruso" was carved into a wood sign, giving the name of the party place. We hung out there and scavenged around like lil' kids. It started to rain so we geared up and snorkeled back to the Stray Cat, outa there, quicker than panties on a bride! We saw many breathtaking views! The visibility was great! Then we hung out on the boat the rest of the day. We enjoyed steaks for dinner and many great conversations with Capt. Mark. We are starting to adjust to doing absolutely nothing! We desperately needed this relaxation, and are glad to leave our worries behind. It is late morning and we are sailing at a good clip to the South to move ahead for more adventures……
Stay tuned, over and out!!

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rose Island Bahamas

Guests: Ryan & Lisa, Chris & Ali
Hello everyone. We are from Cedar Hills, Utah. Just left the snow on Friday, April 11, 2008 to meet Captain Mark and sail away. It is absolute paradise and Mark is a GEM!!
Arrived yesterday after a long unforgiving flight, thanks Delta!! Our ground transportation was a large van wrapped in plastic, (kinda like CSI) after a scary, fast ride on the wrong side of the road, we arrived at the "Poop Deck" restaurant/marina in search of the Stray Cat. We found Mark, loaded our gear and got settled. We were stoked! The morning sunrise was beautiful. Captain Mark floated us right on up to main street where the men did our grocery shopping for the week at a quaint little market. With food, caffeine beverage, and good tunes we set sail for our much deserved and needed dream vacation.
As we passed the real life Gilligans Island, a storm approached. We sought refuge on the other side of the island and hunkered down. Ten minutes later the sun came out and we are dancing, swimin, drinkin, (coke) and soakin up every inch of this salty, sexy sea.
Happy to be tradin in the mountains for this vast beautiful ocean.
Hi to everyone: Shae & Mark, Beau & Les, Koda & Kennedy
Aubrey & Austin, Sissy's and grandma,
Juicy & Becky and all the chibs out there
Stay tuned for more adventures from the high seas!!!!!

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