Saturday, April 18, 2009

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Monday April13- Friday April 17 2009
Paul, Julie, Elaine(14),Liam(12), Drew(9)

We set out and Captain Mark taught us about navigating, about the GPS, radar, speed and the depth. We enjoyed swimming in the ocean, fishing, kayaking, and snorkeling. We saw many different types of fish and sea creatures such as squid and spotted eagle rays [harmless] which we swam with.

We sailed around Rose Island and Green Island, we found star fish, sand dollars, sea biscuits, shells and conch shells.
In the evenings we watched a movie 'Captain Ron', looked at the stars, and one of the nights had a bonfire on the beach.
Carla's amazing cooking was 5star everyday, there's always enough and we really liked it. Thank you Carla for your terrific effort, it was great.
We had so many wonderful new experiences that will stay with us forever. Thank you Captain Mark.

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