Saturday, February 28, 2009

More of the last three weeks

Had another theatrical event last week.

CBS or CNBC, I'm a bit shaky on the details, chartered me for the reenactment of a true story involving an NBA star who went off on a Catamaran in Tahiti several years ago. As the story goes the star ended up killing his girl friend, his estranged brother, and the Captain - I hate that part.

The director (another Chris) briefed me in great detail of the story line and how I would be required to maneuver the boat to accommodate his scene structure. A few years back I did a four day shoot for the Macy's spring catalog so I knew from that experience he would want much of me; to my surprise he wanted more than I conjured up.

The two black young men (one of the guys is another Chris) who would play the roles of Star and angry brother (the brother demanded money from the star) and a young white gal who played the stars girlfriend showed up. After they settled in on board, introduced themselves to each other, were briefed about their roles by Chris and by me about safety on board, Chris inquired about the actor Captain who was MIA.

Phone calls ensued, it became obvious to Chris that he would have no Captain actor, and then he looked at me thoughtfully and said "you look like a Captain with your tan and all; you're older then the real life Captain but it can work".

I signed release papers, & later in the day while playing the Captain I was clunked in the head with a wrench and dispatched to actor's heaven; what a short career. This documentary is to air in March.

Here's another one from last week

Dear Capt. Mark,

My name is Francie Anderson and I am the editor of Wando High School's
Tribal Tribune. We are doing a feature story about your sail charters,
and we were wondering if we could use one of the pictures from your
website in our newspaper. We would greatly appreciate your help!


This fine Carolina school has an online version and may have published the article this week on page 21, Since I'm out here in the middle of nowhere if someone comes across the article it would be fun to know about it.

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Last three weeks

After three weeks of no sailing it's good to be underway again, I crossed the Gulf Stream Miami to the Gun Cay cut yesterday in very ruff conditions. This morning I'm easting on the Bahamas Banks in light air (on the nose of course) but making good time at about 7.5 kts, it should reach 82F today. The wind will shift to the southeast (no help there) today with a cold front passage later, a shift to the northwest at 15-20 tonight, that shift will be real good for sailing.

I had to delay this passage because the sea state in the Stream has been 8 to 10 feet with wind gust over thirty for the last three days; the result is, cutting it real thin for meeting with my guests in Nassau.

They will be flying in from Austria tomorrow, so Max if you're reading this, I'll make it, but-just.

I went to the premiere of The Heart is a Drum Machine at the Phoenix Art Museum to see and enjoy my son's success. Chris wrote and directed this documentary about music. Along with his friend and colleague Ryan Page (who produced the movie) both were well received by the six hundred people who came to the opening, but most of all by me and my Daughter and Grand Daughter who came over from southern California; yep I'm a proud Dad. Chris's Mom lives in Phoenix and was also there beaming.

I didn't know this, a drum machine is the electronic device a short handed musician might use to set the rhythm and generally be their percussion section.

Chris interviewed about one hundred celebrities to get their thoughts and feelings about music. People like Maynard James Keenan of the rock group Tool, Steven Drozd of the Flaming Lips' who also scored the film, Elijah Wood, John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and many more.

The widow of Dr. Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan, you may remember her movie Contact, introduced the movie and concluded it. Ann also picked the music of the golden record that was onboard the Voyager space probes 1 and II.

I'll fill in the rest of my three weeks of non sailing in the next entry.

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