Monday, March 24, 2008

Back in Miami again

I've been lazy not writing in the log for a few weeks, I know better since friends and family get to wondering about me when I don't- so here's a catch up.
I have done three day charters on Biscayne Bay lately, plus a four day and a five day with the usual (never ending) boat maintenance in between.
The four day was with a very nice young couple. Mauricio who lives in Florida but travels word wide in his employment is very into music in fact his subject line says 'summon the wind" which I recall as a line in the Christopher Cross tune Sailing, no; as I'm writing I remember that his line was "the canvas will set you free" It was in a Kenny Loggins song.
His lady friend is from Hong Cong, a very smart, pert young lady. It amazes me how many people I meet these days who speak two or three languages. We sailed south to Key Largo avoiding as we could many cells with wind and rain and for the most part did a good job of not getting wet.
We had a plan to sail to Bimini but the wind and waves in that direction made the keys look like a better way to go; mother nature rules!
The five day charter was with a wonderful family from Hamburg, Hans and Annette who were joined by their daughters Luisa and Sophia ages 11 and 12. They were toasted at dinner as the most polite young ladies on Stray Cat this season. The girls, as they were leaving at the end of the trip presented my Chef/Mate Candyce with a one page thank you to the both of us. The note was in English and had drawings of the boat and the Stray Cat logo, very cute.
We sailed for Bimini under full sail and made good time in the Gulf Stream. The family enjoyed snorkeling the wreck south of Bimini and an overnight stop at Honey Moon Harbor. We went into North Cat Cay Club and Marina for some food items and rum. The ladies enjoyed the boutique on this exclusive private island.
We left the Bahamas a day early having spent the day and night before in the lee of South Cat Cay beach combing and swimming. The strong frontal passage that was forecast was the reason we bugged out early. We enjoyed a fast sail back in pretty big seas that were thankfully following seas.

I found a place in Miami to hide from the winds that at times reached thirty five knots. It was calm where we were hiding, perfect place to see a great sunset, the night skyline of down town Miami and enjoy yet another fantastic dinner prepared and severed by Candyce.

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