Sunday, October 08, 2006

Stranded Sportfisher

Bahamas, Banks

Capt notes:
I'm on the Bahamas bank which is a large body of water that is about 14' deep on average and about eighty miles long. Yesterday afternoon there was no wind at all, the water was like glass, and actually the surface was velvet like. I could clearly see sponges, purple fan coral and various fish in a multitude of colors as the boat glided along in this crystal clear water.
As the day went by I came upon a 50' sports fishing boat that had run out of fuel and was stranded. I have the vessel in tow and will take them to Cat Cay about forty miles west of here.
Last night was spectacular, it was the equinox, the moon was closer to the earth than at any other time of the year and it was completely full. The moon rose out of the water fiery red as the sun set into the water to the west; I set in the trampoline with a glass of red wine and watched nature's finest performance. As the moon made its trek across the sky its illumination continued to allow me to see the sea bottom clearly.
Towing the 50,000 pound behemoth has slowed me down to a mere 4.8 kts so it's four more hours to Cat than seven hours to cross the Gulf Stream to Miami arriving late tonight, back to reality.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Offshore Abaco, the Bahamas

Off shore Abaco, the Bahamas

Captain notes:
Well I'm back in the routine of regular charters having just completed a one week cruise of the Abaco islands. The weather was fine for the trip and my gusts, a really nice couple, their two children and "nanny" from Canada enjoyed a lot of snorkeling, beach combing and dinners on shore. We were not lucky fishing but we saw several sea turtles and a few pods of dolphins.
When my guest departed I was to begin sailing for Miami where I would have had some fine carpentry (joinery on boats) done but a low over Florida caused winds up to thirty five knots with big seas for the last four days so I just sat.
I'm just off the south cost of Great Abaco now making for the north cost of the Berry islands at Little Stirrup where I will anchor for the night.