Sunday, May 07, 2006

Staniel Cay, Exumas

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Sunday, May, 07, 2006, 20:15 UTC
Staniel Cay, Exuma, the Bahamas

Guest: Shandyn and Brandi
Well today was another day in paradise. Sailing in 87 degree weather, with the wind blowing out of the S.E.10kts and the visibility unlimited, makes this trip more perfect each day. With the water being as clear as gin, snorkeling was fantastic!
Today our adventure began by leaving the Farmers Cay where we took part in the local Conch festival. It was delicious. Our day continued with gorgeous scenery and perfect weather, which made for great snorkeling. Today we saw two sharks, a spotted sting ray, and many more exotic fish. This whole trip has been like a dream come true. As the sun begins to set on another perfect day, the water glistens and is clear as glass, as a light breeze accompanies the warm air and allows for another perfect dinner
in the cockpit dinning area. As we eat, many fish swim around our boat awaiting any scraps that might come there way and this is the end to another amazing day at sea.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Cambridge Cay, Exumas, Bahamas

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Thursday, May, 04, 2006, 16:01 UTC
George Towne,Exumas

Guest: Brandi
Today is another beautiful day in the Bahamas. Captain Mark took us to a beautiful corral spot in the Atlantic that had the most vibrant color fish and white beaches that make this whole trip seem like a dream! This has been one of the most memorable trips! So far we have seen two sharks, a sting ray, many different corral heads, and best of all caught a 48" type of dolphin fish, that literally melted in my mouth at dinner time. The sunsets are unimaginable and sleeping under a blanket of stars makes this trip spectacular. Currently we are in the Cambridge Cay, and the waters sparkle like champagne and at night the sun and moon so elegantly dance across the water. Our captain is amazing and very knowledgeable about everything at sea. This trip is fantastic, and with a five star chef on board, you really can't go wrong. Every morning and afternoon we go on an extraordinary snorkeling trip and see more fabulous sea life! Each day gets better and better due to the love and passion that Captain Mark has for the ocean. Each day is a new adventure with many more exotic fish and exhilarating water colors!


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