Tuesday, July 13, 2010

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The first day we flew into Miami and took a short taxi ride to Coconut Grove Marina to meet Captain Mark. We stocked the Stray Cat with groceries. Enough food to feed our Captain, my dad, and us: three sixteen-year-old girls. We left the marina for Biscayne Bay where we ate at a Cuban Restaurant, complete with accordion music. We spent the first night anchored in the Bay. A good start to great trip.

Day Two: We left the harbor early that morning, ready to cross the Gulf Stream and make our way to our first stop in the Bahamas--Gun Cay and Cat Cay. On our way across the Gulf Stream, we dropped a couple lines and trolled for fish; we almost got one, but it was so strong it broke our hook! After a six hour sail, we anchored in Honeymoon Harbor to snorkel and feed the hungry sting rays. A short ride took us to Cat Cay, a private island, where went ashore to explore. We stumbled upon roosters, cats, and the best of all--peacocks! We loaded the Stray Cat, where Captain Mark fixed a delicious chicken dinner, and we continued our voyage to Nassau, sleeping in the Bahama Banks with no land in sight.

On Day Three, we sailed for twelve hours which gave us girls plenty of time to tan and sleep on the trampolines. We snorkeled at the edge of the tounge of the ocean. It was quite a work out fighting the strong current, so we were very hungry. Luckily, Captain Mark was there to fix us a great surf and turf meal (salmon and steak). That night we enjoyed the beautiful view of the lit-up Nassau shore line. We anchored outside of Nassau.

The fourth day began with snorkeling an outstanding reef off of Rose Island. We got some great underwater pictures with the fish. Turns out the fish enjoy dog bones too! After gassing up, we headed to the the extravagant Atlantis resort on Paradise Island, where we went through the lazy river and even went on a couple water slides, including
the terrifying Leap of Faith, a slide that rockets you down a near vertical drop through the shark tanks. We ate dinner at a tasty pizza place, and engaged in the Atlantis nightlife. It was great to finally reach Nassau.

And today, we departed Nassau and are headed to Chub Cay, where we're sure to continue our fantastic trip.

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