Thursday, September 20, 2012

Up Date

Been quite a while since my last post so here's a bit of a catch up:

> Thankfully I've only had to deal with one hurricane threat so far this
> season, lets keep our fingers crossed going forward. That storm was a near
> miss for the Bahamas, the strongest wind was mostly felt in gusts at around
> 45 kts. It was a rain event in most areas but the last thing New Orleans
> needed was a rain event. My guests at the time were relieved when I let
> them know they would miss the main event by one day when they would be
> safely at home.
> Maintenance issues this year were double that of most years in expenses
> and hassle factor.
> I had to haul the boat three times for out of the water work, then things
> just started to wear out like:
> The ceramic top stove, the water heater, freezer, refrigerator, Port
> transmission, anchor, chain, rode, Genoa, starboard head, at the helm VHF
> radio, radar, motor mounts of both engines, props reconditioned on both
> sides. All up $44,000; that bites but it's nice to have new stuff, ha!
> BOAT=break out another thousand, lol.
> Stray Cat is back in the water here in West Palm Beach looking pretty and
> set to go back to the Bahamas where I had such a good season in the Exumas
> Islands. The water is always crystal clear there but this season, well it
> just took my breath away.
> Sadly my older sister Pat passed away after an eight week battle with
> cancer. I was able to get away to New Hampshire to be with her and other
> family members before she passed. The cycle continues, my Granddaughter
> Kathryn gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Ellie. I now have six
> great grand daughters.
> I went to Honduras to check the Bay Islands as a possible place to
> relocate. I'm still thinking about that. I will be going to Cancun around
> the holidays to spend a week with my children, an annual thing we all enjoy.
> I'm looking forward to the winter/spring season in the Exumas with new
> guests and past friends of Stray Cat.
> Mark
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