Monday, June 28, 2010

Adventure Cruise 2010 - Update

The best laid plans of mice and men...

The sail plan for this year's Adventure Cruise to Central America was completed with all the necessary detail to facilitate guests dropping in and out along the route.

The latest electronic charts, cruising guides, and other supporting publications were purchased and studied. Maintenance issues on Stray Cat were addressed, and things were ready to go, but a thought was nagging in the back of my head, insurance coverage.

After explaining the trip to my agent she sent me two maps, one showed geopolitical areas that are not covered. The second map showed storm threat for particular areas for which there would be no coverage. For that reason, my plan was scuttled...bummer.

Naturally, I asked where I could sail during the hurricane season, she replied South Carolina and points north.  Lesson learned, check with the insurance people first. It's interesting that the underwriters have some of their geopolitical stuff all wrong as to security threats in some areas.

Having said all that, I need to be out of Florida and the Bahamas regions until November. I plan to sail up the East Coast to New England to enjoy the beauty of the islands and coastal towns and villages there. There will be no planned stops going north from Miami unless there is a request to pick people up/drop off along the way or a weather related issue.

The north bound passage will be off shore in "blue water" taking advantage of the northerly Gulf Stream flow and the prevailing southeasterly winds.

The departure point is Miami about July 20th.  The passage will be between six and eight days. If you would like to join me on this cruise, you can contact me by email or phone 954 684 6265 for details.

If you would like to join the cruise as we explore The Long Island Sound, Martha's Vineyard, Block Island, Newport and other classically wonderful ports of call during Aug, Sept or Oct, let me know.

The return trip to Miami and Nassau will be coastal and inland waterway cruising with many stops at the best East Coast ports of call. Look for the details of the South bound cruise here or the news letter in the next two weeks.

Like the last cruise, this is not a charter.  Each person who signs on will be working crew. As such, you will be expected to participate in all ship board duties such as: standing watch, navigating, cleaning, cooking etc.  If you lack the skills or experience, a shipmate or I will be at your side to guide you along. It will be a fun and exciting learning experience for all!

The cost of the cruise is covered by cabin fees: one person occupying one cabin at $100 per day. Two person occupancy is $165, per cabin, per day.

The expense items such as food/drinks, fuel and dockage are shared by the crew who are aboard at the time. This financial arrangement proved to be revenue neutral on the last cruise and was a good value for all.

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