Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy guests

Hi Captain Mark and M'beth,
We all reached our destinations stateside...returning one day after yet
another nor'easter slashed her way across the Middle Atlantic and New
England States. We arrived to see many fallen trees and deep puddles, due
to the high winds and flooding rains, but it is now beginning to dry out.
How wonderful that we were in the Bahamas, not even aware.

I am drafting this e-mail first to thank you for a most memorable
week...we all had a great time, one we will never forget. We enjoyed you
two immensely, and felt the same about Stray Cat. Hope to see you again

Second, I just read the first part of our Ship's Log, which you've put
online....guess it's a bit long-winded but fun reading and remembering. I
completed the second half at the Nassau Airport...on Jim's computer. (
Only two mistakes: In the second half of the Log on the 11th, I have us
going to Sampson Cay again...didn't have the first half with me to see
that we'd already gone there on the 10th, and regrettably I spelled "the
genny" wrong.) Oh well...next time! Jim will be sending the 11-14th
portion to you posthaste...perhaps that should read e-mailhaste... perhaps
even today.

Note for your webmaster: In moving around your website, I noticed that he
probably should change the text under ADVENTURE SAIL 2009...in one place
it says "Adventure Sail 2009 is being booked now, " and you might want him
to add a few more excerpts to update the section under Previous Ship's Log
Excerpts, because the last one in the Excerpts section was December,
2005...great reading them all, though.

Red sky at night, sailors' delight. Red sky in the morning, sailors take
warning is a little saying that comes to mind along with "Red sails in the
sunset... " May you enjoy many beautiful sunsets...both red AND gold
..we'll be thinking of you.

Ginny Smith

P.S. Stray Cat in a calm harbor (a la your website) is my current
computer screen wallpaper.


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